School Age

School-age child development is described to be physical, emotional, and have the mental abilities of children ages 6 to 12. 

Growing Legends are well aware of these developments and can provide extended growth to these areas needed to further their development.

Areas of development we focus on are:


  • Demonstrating a growing vocabulary 
  • Participating in Conversations that consistent of Feedback loops/scaffolding back-and-forth conversational exchanges
  • Creating a Learning/Teachable experience within their environment, peers, and teachers. This will allow them to solve conflict, as wells as using critical thinking skills.  


  • Preparing your child to learn how to react and respond appropriately towards their needs and wants, giving them a skill of social emotional control as they continue to develop such skills.
  • Learning to become independent in their daily routines, studies and self help skills, (i.e. separating from familiar adults/parents, self regulations, and smooth daily transitions) 

Growing Legends Family child care is geared to making sure your child is always ready for the next stages of development at their pace.

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