Our Curriculum

Growing Legend has two types of curriculums that are flexible to hit all ages we serve.  

Acelaro Learning Curriculum– provides Theme base lessons that allow children to learn though play and while involving Families. This Curriculum proves family guided activities, coaching incite for teacher and families. It also provides full week-by-week lesson guides, including alignment with school readiness goals and assessment objectives In-class activities Unit maps and much more.

Creative curriculum– provides investigations that is not just based on themes but also allows your child to further explore topics that they may be interested in (i.e.  Their careers “when I grow up I want to be __?__) such curriculum will be a great impact on your child’s life.   As stated by the Creative Curriculum their daily resources, day-to-day teaching with daily plans, ways to individualize instruction, and Expanded Daily Resources give even more opportunities for a dynamic experience that promote children’s critical-thinking skills and inspire joy in learning.

Class Dojo – ways to stay connected with Growing Legends and our staff. Its and App that allow way to track your child’s progress.  Also Families can also access ClassDojo when they are invited by their child’s teacher, and receive updates on what’s happening in school, view their whole class’s story and see a timeline of their own child’s experiences in the classroom through pictures and videos. Downloading the App is completely free

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