Growing Legends Discipline Policy

Purpose: For each child to learn to direct his/her own behavior and to encourage positive social skills in an age appropriate environment. All teachers, Volunteers, parents, etc. Will use the following action in guiding appropriate behavior during all Family Child Care activities of Growing Legends.

Develop a trusting relationship with each.
Set clear limits.
Give appropriate choices whenever possible.
Supervise children closely to foresee and prevent problem behavior.
Redirect a child’s attention to avoid unwanted behavior.
Give a Clear and age appropriates directions.
Use “Time out” only as a last resort.

Any effort to cause emotional or physical harm, (i.e. shaming, degrading, humiliating, slapping, spanking, pushing, pinching, etc.) directed at any problem participants, (including the adults own child) is absolutely Prohibited. Such emotional and/or physical abuse is considered serious and will be dealt with in a timely manner by person(s) in charge of the activity.

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