Legend’s Mission Statement

Welcome to Growing Legend’s, a quality Family Childcare. We pride ourselves on giving Children an enriching environment, that’s filled with opportunities to explore as they learn the skills that are needed to become a Legend. Growing Legends recognize that each child has unique talents, learning styles, and personalities. Therefore, we are very committed to providing individualize learning while meeting each child where they are in their stages of growth and development.

Legends Philosophy

At Growing Legends, we believe that all children should be respected and have the right to express themselves. We also believe that children learn most through play. Our caring and diverse staff are trained to teach children skills of language and literacy, Approaches to learning, Social/Emotional, and Physical development. Learning these skills will guarantee future Legends.
“Every child deserves a champion: an adult who will never give up on them,

Our Curriculum

Growing Legend has two types of curriculums that are flexible to hit all ages we serve.  

Growing Legends Family
Hours & Days

Monday-Friday 6:30Am-6:00pm


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